Want to Live Worry Free? You have Come to the Right Place; Beginning in January of 2015, Mpact Security Solution, LLC will be our new name! We are constantly evolving to bring you the best products and services. State of Urgency is excited about the impact you will make in your neighborhood and community with our security solutions, don’t leave your family or love ones at risk, call 800-764-0267 now.  Mpact Security, LLC is bonded and insured. Our security solutions  keep burglars and vandals at bay. Our offerings include reinforcement of entry doors and windows, and installation of deadbolt locksets, pre-hung doors, window locks, among others. Homeowners rely on us to make their property fool-proof against attacks.

Safeguarding your Home Should be Top Priority

The importance of home security measures in today’s world cannot be over-emphasized. Break-ins are on the rise, and in most instances, burglars have successfully gained entry into homes without much trouble. Alarm systems have proven inadequate; what you need is proven security solutions that stop thieves right at your door. State of Urgency’s quality and affordable security products and services are guaranteed to keep thieves out of your home.

Home security should put your mind at ease, and give you the confidence that you are protected from the dangers lurking outside your four walls. Our solutions deliver peace of mind without breaking the bank. You get security and cost-effectiveness in a single, compelling package. With State of Urgency, you can go on long family trips and stay away from home without constantly worrying about break-ins.

How State of Urgency  Prevented a Break-In: As Narrated by a Customer

“It was Black Friday, exactly five days after State of Urgency came to secure my home by reinforcing my back door with the Strike Out… My husband is an OTR truck driver and had just left the day before Thanksgiving, leaving my infant son and I alone in the house. A man broke through my security door and was trying to force his way through the back door at 5 am. I rushed to point my gun at the back door as I hit the panic button on my alarm system. After about ten forceful kicks the man realized that he couldn’t get in so he left. The police didn’t arrive until forty minutes later. I can’t begin to imagine what would have happened to me or my son if my back door hadn’t been reinforced. My husband immediately arranged for State of Urgency to come and install the Strike Out XL on our front door also.” -Mrs.Starr,College Park,GA

Be On the Safe Side; Celebrities, the Government, Military, and Law Enforcement trust our solutions!

Your intruders are after all human; they will not be able to make it past strongly reinforced doors and windows. Get the highest levels of hardware protection by dialing 770-895-5826 today. We charge $50 for assessments, it can be used as a credit towards your purchase/deposit within 7 days of the assessment. We look forward to assisting you.